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Sport forms an important part of life within Holdsworth. It provides another situation in which students can meet other lawyers and a place in which you can relax whilst enjoying playing sport with people you know. However Holdsworth also enjoy a reputation of providing strong sports teams, and I aim to further this reputation and look forward to a successful season, hopefully ending in a couple of trophies!

There are 5 teams: football (6-a-side and 11-a-side), netball and rugby.  All teams except rugby compete in the intra mural leagues and always enjoy successful seasons, finishing in extremely strong positions.

Whilst all Holdsworth teams remain competitive, everyone is welcomed to try out for the teams and no prior experience is needed.  Each team has a captain who works closely with the Holdsworth Sports Officer to ensure that the season runs smoothly and successfully. The captains of the coming year are usually chosen by the current captain and the Sports Officer is decided in the Holdsworth elections.

Additional Information about the individual teams:
Law Rugby
Law Netball
Law Football

Please join the respective Facebook groups for each sport, which will be the main source of information about trials, team selections, fixtures etc.

Fergus Kiely (Sports Officer, 2016-17)

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The Careers section of the Holdsworth Club is dedicated to making sure you receive the best support concerning your potential career paths. To do so, the Holdsworth Club will be hosting a number of events throughout the year in order to keep you informed of your options as well as providing you with the opportunities you need to boost your employability.

It is normal for some of you to be unsure of what you intend to do following your university years and the careers department aims to provide you with all the tools you need to make the right decision for your future and to pursue that armed with everything you need to know about succeeding. And for those of you who have known for some time what you wish to do, we aim to give you the support you need to achieve your goals. In addition this year we aim to try our best to better inform you of your options outside the legal profession and show you what your law degree can do for you elsewhere

Join Bright, a ground-breaking new careers network designed to give you the most up-to-date information about graduate recruitment opportunities (in law and beyond). Click here for more information.

Isaac Reaney (Careers Rep) careers@holdsworthclub.org

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The Holdsworth Club holds a diverse range of events throughout the year to get members together for those well deserved breaks!

These events include trips to the West End, and infamous bar crawls. In addition every year the Holdsworth club take on a European city for their winter break, with past ventures to Amsterdam, Barcelona and most recently, Paris. The highlight of the Holdsworth calendar is the annual ball; this is attended by members, teaching staff and sponsors.

Many events in the first term are for first year students aimed to help them get to know each other. During welcome week the Holdsworth Club hold a barbeque for first year students for them get to know the committee and each other; and later on in the year a freshers meal is held.

These events are organised by 2 elected events officers who work together throughout the year. The first year representative organises events and services for first year students, mainly in the first term.

For a short taster of what to expect from the Holdsworth Club this year, watch: Birmingham University Law Freshers 2010/11 Intro Film

Molly Whitehouse and Lucy Williams (Events Officers) social@holdsworthclub.org