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6 thoughts on “Membership Form”

  1. Problem with Paypal reference number, £55 paid on 19/09/13, VISA debit card no. ending 2072, account Matthew Williams

  2. Hello, I need your advice please. I definitely want to join the club, but the online membership form seems only for those on-campus? I’m off campus in a house, so was wondering what’s best to do to join? Thank you. Hannah McKay.

  3. Same question here. If I’m renting a house off-campus how do I fill in the form as regards the Hall of Residence? My home address? Thanks in advance! SK

  4. if they were going for the peiungn style then why not the same with the away kit ? The red peiungn top from the 70 s was better than the blue one imo.This yellow top looks awful and my kids won’t be wearing it although i will get them the home kit.

  5. I made the £55 payment, but no reference number showed?z I have a receipt and a transaction ID? Not sure what to do, hope you can help!!

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