Committee 2016-17

Grace Mullis (Chair)

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Hi all! My name is Grace and I am delighted to be chairing the Holdsworth Club 2016/17!

The Holdsworth Club has been a huge part of my university experience so far and I am determined to give you all the chance to enjoy it as much as I have. My role consists of working with firms, managing the committee and communicating across the law school, all to ensure Holdsworth provides an amazing year for you all!

University can bamboozle you with so many opportunities and events to get involved with. I found the Holdsworth club a great way to balance my social and extra-curricular interests alongside my studies. From my first year through to now entering my final year I have been involved with Holdsworth netball team, drama club, nights out and careers events. All have been timed to enable me to also focus on my studies. Law is a challenging degree and Holdsworth highlights how we are all in it together, both to succeed and to let our hair down.

I am so excited for what’s in store as Holdsworth enters it’s 90th year as a law society! Expect big things from all our careers events through to our law ball, as we raise our glasses to 90 years of successful committees, members and presidents.

If ever you find yourself at a loss, or needing any queries answered then I’m only an email away at, so please get in touch!

Looking forward to the year ahead with you all!


Matt Hartas (Vice Chair)

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Hi I’m Matt and this year I am stepping into new territory becoming the club’s first ever Vice Chair. This is my second year on the committee, and I am excited for the year ahead as the club enters its 90th birthday. The committee have been working hard over the summer and I can assure everyone that this year will be an unforgettable one!


Aneesha Jagatia (Treasurer)

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I’m really excited to be your Holdsworth treasurer this year! My role involves dealing with the accounts and ensuring that we are spending in the most efficient way to give our members the most out of the society. This year I hope to create even more transparency to show our members where their money is going. I will also work towards giving our members the best possible experience by helping to gain even more sponsorship this year for events, merchandise, sports teams, drama, debating and much more. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message! I look forward to making the 90th year of the Holdsworth Club one to remember!

Aneesha X


Charlotte Stagg (Secretary) 

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Hi Everyone, I’ll be your Secretary for the next year! It is my role to ensure that you are all kept as up to date as possible with the goings on of the committee. I’ll be sending you all many emails regarding any upcoming social events or those more related to your future careers as well as aiming to send you weekly emails describing action points the committee are trying to follow up. I will also make an effort to regularly update the Facebook and twitter pages with the same information. This year I also hope to make the newsletter more extensive, including sound bites of legal news to enhance your commercial awareness and mentioning any future deadlines you’d need to be aware of.

I can’t wait to meet you all and if you see me around don’t hesitate to say hello!


Isaac Reaney (Careers Officer)

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Hi everyone, I’m your careers officer and I want to bring a wide variety of events for members. I want to improve on last year, ensuring students are fully informed about what a career in law might consist of. To do this, I will organise events targeted towards life as a solicitor such as presentations and workshops. I will be working closely with Bar Rep Michael to provide opportunities for those looking towards a career at the bar.



Micheal Coumas (Bar Representative) 

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I will be engaging students with the UK Bar, and the question of why we are distinguished from other legal professions so vividly. Tapping into our prestigious links between both external and internal legal individuals and organisations will produce specialist opportunities that will extend the benefits of reading law at the University of Birmingham. Further, I will organise sessions that aim to prepare students for the professionalism of being in the legal sector, including social media drop-ins and networking advice.



Robbie Paratore (Freshers’ Rep)

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 18.21.58My role is to make sure the freshers have somebody to support them academically whilst also ensuring they are having a fab time. I will ensure I am always able to help but if I can’t, I will be pointing them in the right direction!




Fergus Kiely (Sports Officer)

FergusHi everyone, this is my second year in my role as Sports Officer. My job is to organise all the sports teams within Holdsworth, such as football, rugby and netball. I enter all the teams into their leagues and organise trials, training sessions and matches. I hope to see many of you at the trials, as we want to have as many freshers participating in sport as possible. It is a good way for you to meet new people and immerse yourself in all aspects of university life rather than just the academic side.

I am currently in third year studying Law LLB. I captain the Holdsworth football team, which consists of various 11 a side and 6 a side fixtures every week. I thoroughly enjoy being part of the Holdsworth sport, due to the many friends I have made through both playing football and the joint sports socials that occur several times a year.

All the teams participate in a tournament in Manchester at the end of the year, where we get the opportunity to travel and compete against other law faculties at our various sports. This is a very enjoyable day out and a great conclusion to the year.

I hope to see as many of you as possible trialling, or on Holdsworth events such as the LAWD Bar crawl, the Law Christmas Trip and the Law Ball.


 Molly Whitehouse (Events Officer)

MollyHey everyone, I’m Molly! I’m one of your events officers alongside Lucy this year.

It’s my job to plan all the events this year. There are the legendary bar crawls, like Law v Medics, one of my favourite nights of the year where we show the medics how much better us lawyers are!

The Law Ball is the biggest event of the year; an opportunity for us to dress to impress, be wined and dined and dance the night away!

Top that off with the European Christmas trip and we have a really exciting calendar of events for you! Not to mention the surprises we have up our sleeves.

Being students we are, of course, always looking for a bargain and an affordable night out. I will do all that is possible to reduce the prices of Holdsworth events this year so that they can be enjoyed by all students and make sure this year is a year to remember!

I had an amazing first year at Birmingham and the Holdsworth events were such an important part of my experience. The best way to get involved and make friends on such a big course is to come along to the events and to have fun, especially as a way to relax away from the pressures of such a demanding course!

Maddie and I are so excited to be your events officers this year and can’t wait to see you at all the events!!!


Lucy Williams (Events Officer) 

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Hey everyone, I’m Lucy! I’m one of your events officers alongside Molly this year. It’s my job to plan all the events this year. There are the legendary bar crawls, like LAWD, one of my favourite nights of the year, the first (3 legged) bar crawl down Broad Street! The Law Ball is the biggest event of the year; an opportunity for us to dress to impress, be wined and dined and dance the night away! Top that off with the European Christmas trip and the Slaughter and May theatre trip to give you a really exciting calendar of events for you! Not to mention the surprises we have up our sleeves. We want to make the events affordable, exciting and fun, and we will be searching for the best prices and offers to make sure this year is a year to remember!

Beth Greenwood (Publicity Officer) 

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Hi, I’m Beth and I am the Publicity Officer for the Holdsworth Club this year. It is my job to inform you about upcoming events, from socials to career events. I will be active on the Holdsworth social media pages, to ensure that you do not miss out on any opportunities. I will also be designing the hoodies this year and getting these to you all as soon as possible so keep an eye out. Having been part of the Holdsworth Club throughout my first year, I would encourage everyone to get involved with the range of events that the Holdsworth club offers- from the LAWD Bar Crawl to the career events. This club helped me have the most amazing first year experience and I hope that we can make it as enjoyable for you all! I am looking forward to meeting you all!


Mima Markicevic (Postgrad Rep)

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 19.01.31

My role is to ensure that the LLB for Graduates and LLM students have someone they can turn to when they need career, academic and administrative guidance. I am also here to help students learn more about the Holdsworth Club and the endless opportunities it has to offer students through social networking dinners, career events and student nights. This year I am hoping to help the LLB for Graduates and LLM students become more involved with Holdsworth events in order to boost their employability and academic performance! I look forward to working with this years incoming class and wish you nothing but success throughout the year!













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  1. Hello. Would it be possible for the officer responsible for sponsorship to contact me.

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    Norman Baird

  2. Hi, i am a first year law student and was wondering if you will be running a football team next year and what to do about signing up ?

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