Committee 2014-15

Luke Masih (Chair)


Hi, I’m Luke, and I’ll be your chair for this year!

I can’t wait for the year to begin; it’s paramount that you get yourself involved with all that is made available to you. I am extremely excited to be taking over from the long line of successful committees as this year’s Chair. As part of my role I oversee and co-ordinate the inner workings of The Holdsworth Club to ensure that you have the best year possible.

The Holdsworth Club is a key part of the University of Birmingham Law School and it remains an essential part of a law student’s life. Personally, the best part of joining Holdsworth Club was being able to meet new people on your course alongside the feeling of being part of a community of students. Law can be very challenging-so having friends who are in the same boat as yourself is a very reassuring feeling – especially when you may have got the wrong end of the stick!

If I was to give you a final piece of advice, it would be to ensure you don’t lose focus on your balance between academic workload and extra-curricular activities. Being well prepared for your seminars allows you to engage in deep academic discussion which will enhance your understanding and make revision slightly more pleasant.  But make sure that it’s not all hard work –  make the most out of everything that comes your way.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact me. Get ready for an epic year!

Ellie Furlong (Treasurer)


Holdsworth was a massive part of my first year, from the superb social events, to all the fantastic opportunities for networking and career development. It’s crucial in such a competitive industry to have such careers events, but also to remember to let your hair down. Just make sure to make the most of what’s on offer!

This year, as your treasurer, I aim to build on our previous years of success and make the year incredible, one to remember. I’m so excited for the coming year. My main roles as treasurer include ensuring members get the most from Holdsworth, that relationships with sponsors are built and maintained, as well as keeping the club balanced. If you see me around feel free to come and chat. Remember, make the most of your time as a law student!

 Hollie Licence (Secretary)

Hi everyone! I’m Hollie and I’ll be your secretary for the Holdsworth Club for 2014-2015.

It’s my role as the secretary to make sure that the club is organised, and to ensure that there is good communication between its members and the committee – so be expecting plenty of emails from me throughout the year about various events/opportunities that are occurring!
I’m there if you have any questions or queries in regards to the Holdsworth Club, so feel free to speak to me if you need any help!
This year, I’m also making a special effort to keep the website updated at all times, so make sure you keep checking to be up to date with everything that is going on within the Holdsworth Club.

I am about to enter my second year as a law student at Birmingham and can honestly say that without the Holdsworth club, my first year would never have been so exciting. Getting involved with the club helps you to meet loads of new friends and ensures for some brilliant nights out which will  only enhance your university experience.

If I was to give any new law student some advice, I’d say that make sure you take on all the opportunities made available to you. It’s important that you do work hard, but also immerse yourself in activities outside of your degree. My first year flew by and I would do it all over again if I had the choice!

I’m really excited about being on the committee this year and look forward to meeting you at all of the amazing events and activities we have planned this year!

Libby Roberts (Events Officer)

Libby Profile

Hey everyone, I’m Libby! I’m one of your events officers alongside Hannah this year.

It’s my job to plan all the events this year. There are the legendary bar crawls, like Law v Medics, one of my favourite nights of the year where we show the medics how much better us lawyers are! The Law Ball is the biggest event of the year; an opportunity for us to dress to impress, be wined and dined and dance the night away! Top that off with the European Christmas trip and we have a really exciting calendar of events for you! Not to mention the surprises we have up our sleeves. We want to make the events affordable, exciting and fun, and we will be searching for the best prices and offers to make sure this year is a year to remember! I had an amazing first year at Birmingham and the Holdsworth events were such an important part of my experience. The best way to get involved and make friends on such a big course is to come along to the events and to have fun, especially as a way to relax away from the pressures of such a demanding course!

I made my best friends on Holdsworth events, including Han who I’m now living with so it is the best way to meet new people! We are so excited to be your events officers this year and can’t wait to see you at all the events!

Hannah Richter (Events Officer)


Hey guys! I’m Hannah and I will be your events officer for 2014/2015, along with my best friend, and house mate, Libby Roberts.

The main events we will be organising are the Christmas Trip Abroad, Law Ball, Law v Medics bar crawl and the Slaughter and May theatre trip, which all combined will make up an extremely exciting year!

I decided to run for Holdsworth events officer because I wanted to make sure the events this year are bigger and better than ever. I am extremely organised, and have a wide range of ideas for the upcoming year that I hope to put in place. I hope to organise day trips to local places such as Cadbury’s world and local law firms, as well as places slightly further afield like Alton towers and other magic circle law firms in London.

Being students we are, of course, always looking for a bargain and an affordable night out. I will do all that is possible to reduce the prices of Holdsworth events this year so that they can be enjoyed by all students. I can’t wait to be your events officer and I look forward to seeing you at all the exciting events we have planned!

Harry Allen (Publicity and Press Officer)


Hi, My name is Harry and I can’t believe this is my final year. I’m looking forward to being more involved in the Law school as Press and Publicity Officer for Holdsworth. I will be responsible for keeping all members up to date with Holdsworth events, whether it be social, educational or career focused. My interests include filmmaking and photography, so I hope to enhance some of the media coverage of all things law in Holdsworth. This was my focus as Press Officer for the Rowing club last year, which I believe was a success.

I really recommend joining us during your time at UoB. I have had some fantastic experiences with Holdsworth, and expect many more. Being a student is about more than just studying, so explore your interests and enjoy the company of some of the most interesting and inspiring people you will ever meet. It’s over in a flash, so make it worthwhile.

Kat Acott (Careers Officer)


Hi everyone! I’m Kat and I’ll be your Careers Officer for the Holdsworth Club this year. The Holdsworth Club is committed to making sure you get the best out of your time in Law School, and this includes helping you focus on your career path and boosting your employability. My role

will be to organise various careers events which will help to increase your networking skills, commercial awareness and employability, ensuring you are as ready as you can be to tackle interviews and assessment day. There will be a wide variety of events such as networking meals, presentations by firms, and workshops focussed on key qualities graduate employers look for. I am currently a third year LLB Law student. In my first year The Holdsworth Club was inva

luable. The club will provide you with the best social events, club nights and

careers advice to help you meet and greet your friends for life, and put you on the right path for making the best careers choice for you after university. My advice would be to get stuck in with as many opportunities as possible. Challenge yourself; Work hard, play hard. That’s all there is to it. Enjoy your freshers week and I look forward to meeting you all.

Elora Basu (Inns of Court Student Association Rep)


Hi everyone, I’m Elora and I’m your ICSA (Inns of Courts Representative) for this year. I will be organising bar-related events for aspiring barristers or simply for anyone who wants to know about the bar. I hope you will find them informative and interesting!

Through being your ICSA representative I hope you will be able to understand what being a barrister entails and the the dynamics of going down such a legal line. Feel free to come and see me during office hours or drop me an email. I will mainly be posting on the Facebook ICSA group so you can keep yourselves updated.

I would encourage many of you to involve yourselves within the Holdsworth Club and it’s various branches. Say yes to as many opportunities as you can . Holdsworth encompasses both social and academic events really well and being productive won’t seem so hard! .Socially, I’d say try not shy away from people, just be friendly and approachable and you will make your friends easily whether you meet them from halls or on your course, it will happen naturally and you’ll have a fantastic year.

Nick Procter (Sports Officer)

Nick picture 2 Hi I’m Nick, and I am Sports officer for 2014/2015.

My Role as Sports Officer is to organise all the sports teams within Holdsworth, such as football, rugby and netball. I have to enter all the teams into the correct leagues and organise training sessions and trials. I hope to see as many of you at the trials, as we want to have as many freshers participating in sport as possible. It is a good way for you to meet new people and immerse yourself in all aspects of university life rather than just the academic side, and sport is a fantastic way to relax as well as keeping fitness levels up and being able to participate in competitive sport.

I am currently in third  year studying Law LLB, I play in the Holdsworth football team, both 11 a side and 6 a side as a goalkeeper, and I really enjoy being part of one of the Holdsworth sports teams, due to the many friends I have made through training plus attending the sports socials that occur several times a year.

People say that first year doesn’t matter, but that is incorrect. My advice for you, is to enjoy freshers as much as you possibly can, but while enjoying your time at uni, to also keep on top of the work set in seminars as you cannot afford to fall behind. First year is a big learning curve and you need to give it 100% in order to succeed. I hope to see as many of you as possible at Trials, or on Holdsworth events such as the LAID Bar crawl, law meal or the Law Ball.

Leon Papoutsis (Postgrad Rep)

10625104_1534516220116753_5728130396456866719_nHi, my name is Leon, your Postgrad Rep for the year. 

I’m responsible for catering to your needs as LLB for Grad students, whether they are social, personal, and so forth. If ever you need anything, please let me know. 

If you reach out, you’ll find that Holdsworth is great at getting people together with similar desires and goals. We offer an opportunity to network amongst one another, as well as connecting you to career opportunities, and a great amount of social events. I consider this group a family, some more distant than others; but all always getting closer.

I happened to be born and raised in Zambia, where at the time, overall opportunities weren’t in abundance. What drew me to Holdsworth then, was it’s ability to offer a lifetime network within a great institution for a fee that’s meaningless in the larger scale of things. It is what you make of it, so make the best out of your time here, hopefully with us.

Welcome to the family, and see you around.

Will Copping (Freshers’ Rep)

Hey Everyone! My name is Will and I have the pleasure of being the freshers’ representative for the Holdsworth Club this year. My job is to get the views of first years heard, plan events for them and to just generally do the rounds making sure everyone is settled in with all the guidance and support they need. I must admit, I am absolutely itching to get started on what promises to be an awesome year.

Although freshers itself only lasts for a couple of weeks, the whole first year is a big learning curve for any new law student. My aim is to be on hand all year to keep freshers entertained, motivated and on the ball. To do this, I’m going to be working especially closely with Libby and Hannah on events and Kat on careers.

My first year went by terrifyingly quickly and I was lucky to be involved with something like the Holdsworth Club. I had an absolute ball of a time acting as part of Holdsworth Drama so I can safely say that getting involved is the best thing you can do. You will meet so many different types of people and interests at Birmingham – that’s what I love about it! However, I can guarantee that there is a wealth of opportunity here for everyone. I want to make sure that every fresher feels like they’ve really found their sweet spot here in Birmingham and makes the most of the year.

If you see me walking around, please just come and say hello. I don’t bite! (I could probably think of a few laws against that anyway).


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