Committee 2012-13

The Holdsworth Office (top floor of the Law School) is open daily between 1-2pm.

Hannah Short (Chair)

Profile 1This year I have the pleasure of taking over from the long line of successful committees as Chair for 2012-2013

As part of my role I oversee and co-ordinate the inner workings of The Holdsowrth Club to ensure that you have the best year possible.

I was lucky to be a part of the committee last year as Freshers Rep and will take this experience forward to make sure that you have a brilliant first year.

The Holdsworth Club is a great support system where you can mix with other people on the course, let off steam through sports activities and get valuable careers advice. It really helped me to integrate better within the course and to find my feet in my new surroundings. Some of my best memories from my time at university are of Holdsworth events, so I really, really recommend that you join, it’s so worth it.

We are already planning some exciting events both in Bimringham and abroad and there will be countless opportunities for networking and career development. First year is all about getting involved, so make the most of it, take as many opportunities as you can and meet new people.

Get ready for an amazing year.

Poppy Wilkinson (Treasurer)

UntitledAs treasurer I will be in charge of making sure you get the most out of your membership and making sure the finances of the society run as smoothly as possible. I really feel I am in a good position to know how the mechanics of the club work having already been on the committee as Secretary last year. So, if you have any questions or issues please feel free to send me e-mails or if you see me around the law school just ask me and I’ll do my best to help you or put you in touch with someone who can help.

Law is in no way shape or form an easy degree and will stretch you farther than you’ve probably been stretched before. It requires a lot of motivation and independent thought so it’s important to stay focused and try your best in first year and if you work hard it makes playing hard even more fun and rewarding!

Amy Harding (Careers Officer)

Amy hardingWhen thinking of the upcoming year I’m filled with excitement about the Holdsworth club and first and foremost feel privileged to have a larger role. I joined Holdsworth in my first year and threw myself into it; the more you put in, the more you get out. In your first year, the social events build the bridges for friendships which carry you through the rest of your degree. In the second year, not only do the new members provide new friendships, existing friendships are strengthened providing a support network for the inevitable challenges of such a tricky degree. Plus the extra- curricular opportunities boost any CV.

As Careers Officer I aim to ensure that you will have the access to the best careers advice possible by arranging an assortment of careers events. Variety is key; a range of firms from the prestigious magic circle firms to more personal regional firms, and a range of events; talks, mock interview sessions and workshops. My policies surround publicity, a weekly online newsletter to update you on upcoming events, opportunities and deadlines, and seminars around application time to share hints and tips with each other.

Kathryn Harris (Secretary)


I am this years beautifully organised General Secretary. I ensure the committees correspondence are organised and communication is maintained so we have an efficiently working Holdsworth Club for your enjoyment. We as a committee are also here to support all Holdsworth members which are in need of any guidance or words of encouragement.

Holdsworth, I would not hesitate in saying has been and remains an essential part of my life as a law student, not only socially allowing me to build up amazing groups of friends. But career wise Holdsworth provides so many events, which make the process of becoming a lawyer, less of an Everest to climb.

Law in itself is an extremely rewarding yet demanding degree which I love to study, teamed with participation in Holdsworth, it is the ultimate duo, allowing support and a way to chill as part of your university experience. Get fully involved and you will not regret it.

Lastly I am incredibly proud of the club and look forward to this years developments.

Catriona Severns (Events)

holdsworth 1I’m so excited to be your events officer with Charlotte this year, and the calendar of events that we have lined up for you should guarantee  an amazing year. By organising the classic staples like the Law Ball and the Christmas trip, Charlotte and I are trying to maintain what’s so great about Holdsworth events.

If you’re reading this as a soon to be first year at the law school, then all I can say is I strongly advise you to join. As a committee we cater for every aspect of your life at uni, with Charlotte and I looking after the social side of things. Holdsworth gave me the opportunity to meet people that I would not have come into contact with any other way, giving me some great friends, and also some pretty useful revision notes at the end of the year.

If you’re in another year  and considering joining the society; the above still applies. It’s never too late! I know Charlotte and I are keen to see as many faces at the events.

If you have any questions, just ask.

I’m looking forward to seeing both familiar and new faces at LAID (which was, without doubt, the best night of my freshers)! It set the tone for an amazing year, and, as a benchmark for things to come if you join Holdsworth, it sets the bar pretty high.

Charlotte King (Events)

holdsworth2I’m Charl and I’m one of your events officers this year. Me and Catriona have loads of great events already in the pipeline, and loads more to come so make sure you take advantage of the chance to meet everyone and get involved right from the start!

When I was a fresher I was a bit overwhelmed by the thought of having such a large course, and wondered how on earth I was ever going to get to know anyone! But from day one Holdsworth events made sure that there were loads of ways for people to get to know each other and get involved, whatever it is that you enjoy doing. There are so many events in the first term, such as the infamous LAID and the freshers’ meal, and my advice to you all freshers out there would be to get straight in there from day one and make sure you come along to these events and meet everyone! Even if you’re a second or third year, there’s no excuse not to get involved; everyone is welcome to every event, whether its your first, second, or you’ve lost count of how many you’ve been to!

I’ve met so many people through being part of Holdsworth; every event I go to gives me the chance to meet new people as well as socialise with the ones I already know. There’s such a great range of people that everyone can really get involved.

My aim for the year is to basically keep up the great events Holdsworth events that already are permanent fixtures in the Holdsworth calendar, such as L.A.I.D, Law v Medics, the Christmas trip, Law Ball, the theatre trip and Freshers v 2nd and 3rd Years, as well as possibly trying to fit in a few more day trips to places such as theme parks or different cities in order to make sure no one has an excuse to not get involved! And of course, Catriona and I are super friendly and approachable, so if there’s ever an event you would like to see happening you shouldn’t hesitate to get us in touch and tell us your ideas!

Hopefully see you all at a Holdsworth event soon  – get ready for an amazing year!

Nitisha Acharya (Fresher’s Rep)

Untitled1I am so excited for the year ahead; it is essential that you get involved and become a part of it! Joining the Holdsworth Club was one of the best decisions I have made; the socials have been amazing and the career events valuable. For me, the single best decision to join the Law Society lies in making some of my best friends at university. I believe that it is crucial to have close friends in your course- Law can be quite challenging so it’s always nice to have people (that you actually like) to discuss work with! The Holdsworth Club provided me with some lifelong friends.

Whilst there is plenty to get your teeth into in terms of extra-curricular activities, it is important not to lose focus of the academic workload. Being fully prepared for seminars will enhance your understanding and make revision easier. ‘Work hard, play harder’ was definitely my Freshers motto and I’d certainly recommend it.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact me whenever. Prepare yourself for an amazing year ahead!

Vanny Nars (Post-Grad Rep)

vannyI always say, “great things come in small packages!” Don’t be fooled by my vertically challenged physique as. I’m an abundance of energy with a hint of pizzazz. I am always itching to do something, whether it be going to the movies, hanging out with friends or undertaking a new activity – staying put is the impossible for me!

I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people, hence why I gravitated towards the position of the Post-Graduate Representative. My goal is to integrate the various sub-groups (grads, undergrads, the Brits and the Canadians) and endorse interaction among these divisions.

Being a member of the Holdsworth Club has empowered me to participate in academic and social events, cultivate friendships and network with prominent law firms. I’ve met a lot of fascinating people and learned so much about theBritish culture (being Canadian and all).

My advice is to work hard but play harder! Go out to as many events as you can to meet new people but more importantly, discover your strengths and limits.

Thomas Horton (I.C.S.A Rep)

22I am a third year Law (LLB) student who is tall with slicked-back hair (others tend to pick up on those features). I am hard working, or, at least, I like to think I am, and I am always happy to help others. My ambition is to become a practising Barrister specialising in commercial and contract law.

My aim is to make information and advice on a career at the Bar as open as possible to those that have a desire to become a Barrister or for those that are unsure what career path they want to choose. My position will allow me to hold career events throughout the academic year 2012/13 with an aim of providing the information required so that you will know what it is like and how to practise at the Bar (eventually and hopefully).

The Holdsworth Club is one of the outstanding features of studying Law at the University of Birmingham. The social events, the possibilities and the memories membership provides is priceless to your time at University and that is why the Holdsworth Club means so much to me, as it will do eventually for the freshers at the Law School. The only advice I find necessary for any fresher at Birmingham Law School is: work hard and play hard. Abide to that, and you should have a rather memorable and successful time here.

Arrin Nouri (Mistress of the Moots)

Arrin Nouri - Holdsworth photographI am a final year Law student, an aspiring criminal law barrister, and I am very excited to be Mistress of the Moots for 2012-2013.  Having won the Camm Cup mooting competition in my second year at university, I will be heading the Mooting Committee and working alongside members of staff to organise and promote the mooting competitions at Birmingham Law School.  I hope to use my experience to pass on some useful advice and encouragement to all prospective mooters.

Mooting is perhaps the closest thing a student can experience to acting in court.  It involves arguing a case on a legal issue, against other counsel and before a judge.  In my experience, judges included barristers from No5 Chambers and the one and only Lord Neuberger, recently elected President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom.  This may sound daunting, but it is good fun and extremely worthwhile!  For those of you who are interested in a career at the bar, or for those of you who wish to take other career paths, mooting will provide you with essential skills, such as the ability to carry out legal research, draft skeleton arguments, build upon advocacy skills, and develop professional social skills.

Mooting has been an invaluable part of my university experience, helping me to believe in my ambitions and to realise these further; I could not recommend it highly enough to any law student.  Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Priya Jethwa (Publicity Officer)

priyaMy name is Priya and I’m extremely excited to be this years Holdsworth Club Publicity Officer. I will be the one that makes sure everything that the Holdsworth Club produces looks aesthetically pleasing and professional; posters, t shirts, hoodies, yearbooks… they will all bear my Holdsworth stamp. The key to the success of the Holdsworth club is our members and their avid participation in all Holdsworth events. I am a self-confessed perfectionist and I have made it my mission to ensure that everything you see from the Holdsworth club is easily recognisable and informative; I want to make sure that you know about everything that’s going on so that you can take full advantage of all of the wonderful things the Holdsworth Club has to offer.

I have absolutely loved being a part of the Holdsworth Club for the last two years; our socials, sense of community and academic events are second to none. I am very much looking forward to being a part of the committee in my final year, I couldn’t think of a better way to end my three year stint in Birmingham.

Honza Katuscak  (Sports Officer)

Holdsworth Website Photo-2Holdsworth Sports currently runs 5 sports teams: 6 and 11-a-side football, netball, hockey, and rugby. I am here to make sure that the success of our teams continues, and to get as many of you as possible involved in them.

Sport really is a big part of Holdsworth, and from the moment I joined in on the Holdsworth football team I have only words of praise for everything sports-related.

As for me, I enjoy a wide range of sports and apart from football I also play ice hockey. Every year Holdsworth sport participates in a sports tournament at the University of Manchester, with more than 15 universities and 1 law firm participating, it is really a great event. Apart from sport, I chose Law mainly for its logic (although my 1st year has made doubt the truth of that assumption), but if I would not study law I would study biology. Winners of last year’s Freshfields Manchester SportsTournament, and highly successful in most of our leagues, the Holdsworth Club really is a fantastic society and a must for anyone who enjoys sports. I look forward to meeting you all, and please be in touch if you have any queries.

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