Committee 2010-11

The Holdsworth Office (top floor of the Law School) is open daily between 1-2pm.

James Frost (Freshers)

As Freshers Rep I have been working hard over summer to get things ready to welcome the new first years!

Becoming a member of the Holdsworth Club was one of the best decisions I have made and it is one which shaped and improved my first year no end.  Some of the events to look forward to this year are The Freshers Meal, the return of the Law Bar, the Theatre Trip, Freshers vs 2nd & 3rd Years and the infamous Lawyer v Medics. Events like this have always been a huge success because they have the needs and preferences of law students at heart, but most of all they work because freshers in particular participate, take the amazing experiences that they have and pass them on to the following year.

Aside from the nights out last year I was involved in the inaugural Law Rugby team, which provided some of my best and most memorable experiences of the year. I took up the mantle as Freshers Rep partly so I could pretend to be a fresher again, but mostly because I want to be a part of the team that makes your first year such a good one.

Last year Marie was our Freshers Rep and she did an amazing job. One of the first things she told us was that if we worked hard early on and prepared fully for supervisions it would make our exams a lot less stressful. It seems obvious advice but with everything on offer it can be easy to lose sight of the reason we are here. The best thing I can say from an academic perspective is that when you are preparing for supervisions you want to be in a situation where you can get something out of them, rather than simply getting through them. If you do the work they will get easier and easier, and less and less daunting.

Frosty x

James Tryfonos (Events)

I’m James and will be one of your Events Officer this year.

I’m in my third year doing straight Law and have enjoyed everything about the Holdsworth Club so far. This year I’ll be making sure that the great times I’ve had will be passed on to you so the tradition of the Club continues; the best way to meet fellow lawyers and have a good time at Uni.

I’m a laidback kind of guy who enjoys having a good time, going out and playing rugby. I like to think I’m easy to get along with, but you’ll get to know me more when you come on Holdsworth events.

Despite the cliché, as lawyers we have to work hard, but it’s just as important to play hard too. As Events Officer my job is to ensure all nights out, trips (incl. The Trip abroad) and the ball are organised well so everyone has a good time. I’m going to make sure this year is a year to remember, especially for you freshers, and I’ll be there at all the events and making sure everyone is involved as it is really is the people in Holdsworth that make the Club. I’ll also be here and there for you to approach me with any questions about events or pretty much anything really, so don’t hold back.

We’ll be going to a range of clubs and bar crawls, trips like to the theatre, and on the mystery trip abroad, ending of course with the legendary Law Ball, and that’s just to name a few things we’ll be doing, but each one will be different and all just as good.

Holdsworth really is the best thing at Uni, and makes the whole experience that much better that you’ll remember it for the rest of your lives.

James x

Corinna Thompson (Events)

I’m Corinna and along with James I’m one of the events officers for next year. My job is to organise socials, trips, the law ball and the Holdsworth Christmas trip abroad. My aim is to make sure everyone gets involved this year by organising a range of events to suit everyone’s idea of a great night out. This also involves events to help your career profile by organising activities with firms to provide an informal setting to get to know the firm and trainees in a memorable way. While it may be nerve-wracking in the first couple of weeks to venture out to the socials, definitely go for it, it’s how I made most of my friends from first year, and got to know the other years who are extremely helpful with advise and tips for exam times. The events and socials are there to make you have fun, to away from the hard work for a while and they’re organised at times which suit your schedule (and essay deadlines) most.

For a bit about me; I enjoy music, reading Chuck Palahniuk novels, going to comedy gigs, traveling, playing flute, playing drums, singing and going out of course! First year has been absolutely unforgettable due to the Holdsworth Club and I cannot encourage you enough to get involved. I’ve had a magical time from visiting Disneyland for the first time on the Christmas trip to meeting what would be some of my best friends during the freshers events. The Law Ball was definitely a highlight of my year and something I cannot wait to organise and hopefully surprise you with! If you’re traveling far to uni and need any advice don’t hesitate to get in touch, I fly back and forth countless times so I have great experience with that. Finally if you have any suggestions for events or something different you’d like to do I’d love to hear from you.
Have fun this year, get involved, work hard as-well and I’ll hopefully see you at one of the events soon!

Corinna x

Andy Swarbrick (Sports)

Sports Officer is fairly self explanatory. I am in charge of running the five sports teams. These teams are football (6-a-side and 11-a-side), netball, hockey and rugby.

The main focus is on getting people involved and making sure the Holdsworth Club have competitive teams across the intra mural competitions. However, due to the nature of intra mural competition, everybody is welcome and I would love to take participation to an even higher level than last year.

As a member of the Holdsworth Committee I hope to be approachable and friendly. I made the absolute most of my year as a fresher as I can’t imagine the chance to go out so much and make so many friends will present itself very often! I love playing sport and so am extremely pleased I was elected last year, aside from that work and music takes up most of my spare time!

I also aim to increase the social side of Holdsworth sports this year, to bring all the sports teams together and generate some form of team spirit. The Manchester tournament is a highlight of the year for the football, rugby and netball teams and I really want to get the trophy back!

Generally, as a fresher joining the Holdsworth Club, expect an absolutely amazing year with some epic socials and great opportunities. Just make sure you get involved!

Andy x

Jenna Richardson (Careers)

I’m your average work hard, play hard kind of girl. I love spending my time with my friends and family but I’m also pretty driven about being a big success one day. However, as yet, the idea of going out and being responsible is still kind of terrifying. To be honest writing about myself, who I am and what I like is kind of hard because I don’t know yet! But to find out I intend to keep doing what I love – trying new things and doing as much as I can in a short amount of time.

I make sure that you are completely clued up on what there is to do after you finish your degree and the best way to go about it. I’ll organize events concerning different career possibilities as well as give you some opportunities to boost your applications and make you as employable as possible. If you need anything, have suggestions or any questions feel free to let me know and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Lastly, everyone: have a great year! Your first year will be over before you know it so make sure you make the most of it. So get stuck in and do as much as you can but don’t forget to study occasionally.

Jenna x

Nick Bamber (ICSA)

I am the Inns of Court Student Association (ICSA) Representative. This involves organising events and providing advice for people who are looking to pursue a career as a barrister. I will be working closely with the careers representative (Jenna) to make sure that you have all the guidance and events you need to get the best result from your time at Birmingham. I will be trying to organise meals at the Inns of Court, visits to local chambers and the College of Law in Birmingham. In addition to this I will be trying to organise talks from Barristers, advice on mini-pupillage and pupillage applications and more Barrister career representation at the annual law fair.

Get involved with these events because they provide you with information, guidance, they look good on applications forms, and most importantly you can make those vital contacts in the legal world.

I love my sports, and I will have a go at anything. I’m a keen swimmer, and I have been a life-guard and a swimming teacher for almost five years. I play a lot of hockey, and I am one of the Law Hockey captains for 2010/11. I also play tennis, and used to coach for my local club, and I have played county rugby and cricket. As well as a sportsman, I am a musician, and have played trumpet and piano since I was seven. I also love going skiing in France; nothing beats being the top of the mountain with fresh powder all around you.

You will have heard it from so many people, but just get involved with everything, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. I am here to advise you about careers, so feel free to bombard me with questions an emails. Be warned, these three years will fly by, so start looking early. I started trying to go to careers events right from the start, and it really helped me in second year. Expect a fun-filled year, packed with events and nights out, but also expect to be pushed to your limits by the exams.

Bambi x

Ellie Boyd (Postgraduate)

As Postgraduate liaison, I provide the link between the Holdsworth Club and the Postgrads. I’ll be making sure they know about all the careers and social events Holdsworth has to offer this year. In addition, I’ll be working with the rest of the Committee and helping out where I can to ensure this is Holdsworth’s best year to date so definitely get involved!

Briefly about me: I’m going into my final year at Brum. I can’t wait for all the year has to offer but I know it’s going to fly by and I never want to leave! I love music, theatre, playing and watching sports and socialising. I’ve played for Holdsworth netball since year 1 and I’d definitely advise trying out for a Law sports team, or joining Holdsworth drama – they’re a great way to meet other years! Joining a completely new environment such as the Law Faculty can be daunting, so please feel free to ask me about anything, I’m always happy to help!

Ever since joining the Law School back in 2008, I have loved every aspect of the Holdsworth Club, from amazing socials, classy careers events to the sports teams – with the mental Manchester sports tournament at the end of the year! Holdsworth has given me some of my best experiences at uni and I cannot imagine not being a part of it! Holdsworth definitely has something for everyone whether you’re into drama, sports, mooting, trips abroad, crazy nights out or simply meeting trainees/associates from Law firms.

I look forward to meeting you all soon. Much love.

Ellie x

Samm Lewis (Publicity)

I am Samm. I’m a third year, I’ve been on the committee for two years in the same position, (I love it that much!) and I tend to sit in the library in the same seat. I’m the general nutjob in the law school, but a very nice nutjob, and a very helpful one too! I heart art, so I’m very creative which helps I suppose.

I do a whole load of photography, so get those beautiful faces out at lots of Holdsworth events and get smiling for me. I make clothes, I make my own, I make my friends’, and I make bands’ clothes too. I organised the Oxfam fashion show last year, the finale involved me walking down the catwalk in a clingfilm dress that I designed, it shows I’m pretty brave and don’t mind getting up in front of 500 people and strutting my stuff! I’m a pretty big muso too, so I go to the Hare and Hound in Kings Heath for lots of gigs, except I think I’m going deaf due to it now. I also play hockey. I am on the Law Hockey team, which has turned into a massive family and friendship group for me, we came really close to winning the season, but I missed a few matches which hurt our points, as the other goalkeepers don’t have the jedi reflexes that I do.

I most certainly recommend getting involved in Law sports teams, it gives you something to do on the weekends and another group of friends, other than the people you live with and your supervision buddies. Also you get to learn about all the other years banter… I also like boats and I have been flying for 11 years now. Umm I don’t really know what else to say, I’m watching a film about Brian Slade you see.

I think that being the Publicist for such a large student organisation, needs a big personality to get information across, using large scale, eyecatching posters and objects to make the student body aware of what events are coming soon. Being lively, chatty, creative, bold, eye catching, and friendly are certainly many of the traits you need to be a publicist. Having past experience, and a good idea at getting people’s attention and involved is also very useful for this position as you begin to get an idea of what people become aware of. None of this pretty fonts and nice google stock images, I think people respond to a smack in the face of colour.

So be prepared for big bright posters, which will keep you intrigued and excited. Also check out the Holdsworth website!

Samm x

Martin Tynan (Secretary)

My name is Martin, I’m from the party capital of England – Cambridge; and I’m now in my second year of my LLB Law course at the University of Birmingham. In my spare time I play football, rugby and golf. I enjoy playing the piano and my favourite film is ‘Léon: The Professional’, which I’ve seen more times than I can remember!

As Secretary I am happy to be contacted with any queries about the Holdsworth Club, if I cannot provide the answer myself I will put you in contact with the person who can. Additionally, I am responsible for much of the admin work including the issuing of membership cards and keeping an accurate register of all Holdsworth Club members. Similarly, with events I will be assisting with the distribution of tickets and registering which events individuals have paid for and are attending. I write and circulate the minutes of Committee meetings and I supervise the distribution of literature provided by the Holdsworth Club for its members, which includes regularly updating the material on the Holdsworth website. Aside from my formal duties I am always willing to lend a helping hand to my fellow Committee members!

Martin x

Marie Ellis (Chair)

As previously mentioned, I am the Chair of the Holdsworth Club and in charge of organising the committee and overseeing the entire goings on; expect to see me a lot this coming year! Having been on the committee for a year already I know the inner workings and cannot wait to be involved in what promises to be the Club‟s best year yet.

Outside of the Holdsworth Club my interests involve going out as much as I can; Mechu and Fab being the favourites, drinking tea and watching Neighbours. Unfortunately, as the degree goes on it seems that the latter are the two that get done the most!

This year is set to be the best yet, so make sure you get involved and do not hesitate to contact the committee, whether it be about a specific event or a general query about your work.

Marie x

Alex Weedon (Treasurer)

Hi, I’m Alex and I’m Holdsworth Treasurer. In my role I am responsible for controlling the Holdsworth accounts, allocating money to events throughout the year and making sure you get the most for your money out of Holdsworth.

I am a 3rd year LLB student and in my spare time I enjoy sailing, windsurfing and power kites.

As well as being on the Holdsworth committee I also work with the alumni office organising events and networking workshops across campus and I have a weekly radio show on BurnFM, playing 70’s and 80’s music.

I look forward to a great year with you all!

Alex x

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