Law Rugby

Law rugby is extremely inclusive and caters to all abilities. It provides a great platform to meet other students in a slightly more social setting than is otherwise available through the avenues presented from an academic standpoint. For example, on top of training and games, law rugby is involved in a number of joint law sport socials that run throughout the year. The highlight of the season for law rugby is always the inaugural Manchester 10’s tournament. As reigning champions, we were unfortunately unable to defend our title in the past season due to the tournament being cancelled as a result of poor weather. However, we look forward to rebuilding this season to reclaim glory. If you would like to be involved in helping us achieve this goal or if you simply have any questions about the law rugby team for the upcoming academic year, please contact Liam Jenkins.



One thought on “Law Rugby

  1. I would like to register my interest in the law society team. However it may he a little while before I can play full contact due to a shoulder reconstruction.

    I am a masters student here.

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