LAW BAR IS BACK! Friday 22nd October

The next event will be on FRIDAY 22nd this month. That is this Friday coming, for those without a calendar.

The event shall see the return of the LAW BAR!!!! But, seeing as it’s the first one, and we’ve missed it, we’re making it a little special and giving it a full on night out!!

For freshers, this was an event that ran a couple of years ago as a regular night for lawyers to get together and play hard. Now it’s back!!!!!

To kick it off this year, the first LAW BAR event shall see us go upmarket, to the Pitcher & Piano, in Brindley Place (B1 2HP), which is off Broad Street, opposite Walkabout. Failing this, ask a taxi driver…

We have been able to get drinks deals off them, being their ‘out of office hours’ drinks deals:

****2-4-1 house COCKTAILS and £2.50 selected PINTS and 2-4-1 selected BOTTLES, and WINE at £2.50******
There’s something there for everyone so don’t say we don’t look after you. They also do £1.50 shots on the night, so should be a good time all round.

We will be there at 7.30. Don’t be late!!!!

Following this, we may pop in at Vodka Revolutions for a few cheeky shots, should we need to if they can give us anything free, TBC.

We will end the night at Supersonic Vague, VIP styley of course, where Plan B will be performing.
Apparently, Plan B said he won’t perform his live set if the Holdsworth Club aren’t there in force. So be there.

Tickets for all this will only be £4, collectable from the Holdsworth Club office 1-2pm. Get there early, as Gatecrasher will sell out and we only have a set number before we start buying up with all the riff raff.

2nd, 3rd & 4th years — For this to run as a regular event you need to get yourself there for the first one, and I know you all want it to run as you keep on telling me. Freshers — Its a really good night and a chance to get involved with Holdsworth, and know more lawyers.

So, to summarise, this Friday, 7.30pm, Pitcher & Piano, then Revs, then Supersonic Vague with Plan B.

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